Thursday, January 11, 2007

Are We Lovable in God's Eyes?

We must be, else he would not love us.

Some say that God loves us though we are not lovable. We are not lovable, they say, because we, all and one, are sinners. But does our sin make us unlovable? Of course not. Your child sins. Do you love her any less? You do not. You make clear her sin to her because you love her. She remains lovable though she has sinned, and if you ceased to love her because she had sinned, your sin would be greater than hers.

Do not believe, then, that God's love for you is arbitrary and baseless. He could not but love you, for no matter how sinful you are, you are yet lovable.


Randy Kirk said...

I agree with the premise, but not with the analogy.

I think it is clearly possible for a parent to stop loving a child whose behavior is so reprehensible as to destroy an chance of love. Say the murder of sibling or the other parent, or the attempted murder of the parent in the analogy.

Franklin Mason said...

I do think it possible that a parent cease to love a child. But I would think it a mistake. Indeed I would think that it showed that the love they had was of an inferior sort.