Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time and Loss

I now understand why grandparents so delight in their grandchildren.

They deeply regret the loss of the childhood of their children. I have begun to feel this. My children are now 9, 9 and 7. They are not little any more, and at times I'm deeply sad - sad in a way that I know cannot ever be remedied - that those days are irretrievably gone. There are things now past that can never be had again. Not even God can give us them again, for of absolute necessity the past is past and will remain forever past. A strange thought, this - a lack, an absence, that not even God can make better.

The flow of time involves loss. Perhaps it brings new goods, but it leaves behind very great goods that one can never retrieve.

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Thomas said...

Dear Franklin, it's great to see you writing again. I commented here only very sparingly the last few years, but now & again came back. You'll be happy to know that I, too, have been baptized in a catholic church down in the Netherlands, last summer, after a very long Tiber-swim.

On topic: this post made me think of Lou Reed's wonderful album, 'Magic and Loss'. Please check it out, it has beatiful and thoughtful lyrics on life and loss.