Sunday, July 22, 2007

Luck or Power?

For what should we wish, the power to resist temptation or the good fortune never to encounter it? The result will be the same: we will not sin. But the quality of the man will not be the same. A man able to resist is better than one who is merely lucky.

This is why I am puzzled when, in the Lord's Prayer, we are told to ask that we not be led into temptation. Shouldn't we ask for the power to resist it instead?


Jim Anderson said...

I wonder what sort of person requires a divine dragging toward temptation, anyhow.

C Grace said...


after reading this I copied an old post from my other blog onto my current one that you might be interested in. I think it wise to remember that the most powerful force we are fighting is pride. The quality of the man who overcomes temptation and does not sin is worse off then before. Only the one who has been brought low by his confrontation with the reality of our enslavement to sin ends up experiencing the freedom of the New Life.

There comes a time in a Christian's life where they find out that although God does not tempt us beyond what we can bear, he will bring us to the very edge where we realize that if He allowed things to go one step further we would sell our birthright for a bowl of stew. (to use the example of Jacob and Esau) If we are to be of use to Him, He must break our pride in our own strength.

Yes temptations/trials are necessary for us to grow, but real temptation is hell and it is only our ignorance that would presume to desire it.